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About Positype

Positype is a well-recognized, independent type foundry that offers both retail and bespoke/custom typeface development services. Founded in 2000 by Neil Summerour, Positype was established to accentuate the craft behind producing typefaces. Uniqueness, warmth, and personality matter when creating letterforms… marrying the technology with those forms to produce useful and reliable typefaces is tantamount.

Neil Summerour

Neil Summerour is a Georgia-based type designer and lettering artist. He’s the founder of Positype, type foundry, and Swash & Kern, lettering studio. Summerour lectures, workshops, draws letters, makes typefaces and lives happily ever after, over and over. He’s won the Type Directors Club Certificate of Typographic Excellence 6 times and was a 2012 recipient of the People’s Choice Award in the Morisawa Type Design competition for his Japanese typeface, Tegaki. His type and lettering work is used by such renowned brands as Oculus, Facebook, Girl Scouts of America, Victoria’s Secret, Revlon, PINK, Good Housekeeping, id Software, David Bowie, BBC, L’Oreal, Panera, Audible, Molson Coors, Colliers International, and ABC. He currently serves as Chair for the Society of Typographic Aficionados.

Lily Feinberg

Lily Feinberg is a multidisciplinary designer in New York City, where she works as an environmental graphic designer at Gensler and draws typefaces for Positype. Her lifelong interest in type and lettering grew into full-fledged type design upon graduating from the University of Georgia’s graphic design program and beginning a mentorship with Neil Summerour. Now, in addition to designing original typefaces, she digitizes fonts from the Filmotype library, incorporates lettering into her client work whenever possible, and recently TA’ed the Type as Language course at the School of Visual Arts. In her free time, she “works” on ranking the best bagels in New York.

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